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Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers Gift for Dog-Lovers with Kids I came across The Long Trip Home on Facebook and thought it was the coolest thing, so I had to share it with you. This company will make a hand-drawn children’s book that is customized to your child and their pet. Gifts for…

Charlotte Dog Meetup Groups

Whether you’re looking to find that special someone who loves their pup like you do or you just want to socialize in the company of your dog, here are some Charlotte dog meetup groups to help you do just that. The Charlotte Doodle Romp group has over 1500 members and weekly “romps” around Charlotte. Members must…

Maternity Leave

In case you haven’t seen the news on my Instagram and Facebook pages, we are expecting twins in less than eight weeks! Because the work I do is so physical, my body is telling me to take it easy a little earlier than I’d planned with just one baby. While I am so excited about…

Pet Portrait Parties

Are you dying to have a pet portrait session with The Dog Photog but can’t quite invest in a private session? I’ve created an experience just for you! Pet portrait parties are a fun way for a group of friends to have their pets photographed at a lower price point than an individual private session….