About the Artist

Hi, I'm Hayley - The Dog Photog

Meet our only child, Jack.

I'm the type of person who plans her wedding around her dog being in it...

I'm obsessed with dogs. I have to touch every one I see. When I encounter a service dog with a vest saying, "Don't pet me - I'm working," it takes all my strength to resist. The struggle is real, friend.

After 7 years of photographing weddings & families, I created The Dog Photog out of a love & obsession for dogs (and all animals).

I serve to help pet parents remember their fur babies through images that bring joy and happiness well beyond the short time we have with them here on Earth.

As a full-service studio, we work with you to create real pieces of art to touch & walk past everyday, not just digital files to live their days on a screen.

We invite you to come into our studio in South End Charlotte, see & feel what quality & full-service pet portraiture is all about.

People call me "The Dog Photog," but dogs call me "The Peanut Butter Lady." View the video to see why...

Latest Work